hi, it’s nice to meet you.

New York City was always an inevitable for me—I grew up in it’s proverbial shadow, in one of those small towns city dwellers head to for fall apple picking excursions and summer picnics. It seemed everyone I knew started their career in Manhattan, and so I was going to too.
Little me would be very proud: these days, I’m an editorial and SEO assistant based in the city itself. I’m passionate about writing content that helps people find joy in the everyday—and also about making that content discoverable via search.
Prior to landing on my feet in New York, I was a student at Boston University. There I studied words, in two forms: as a student of literature (resulting in a Bachelor of Arts in English) and as a student of the media (resulting in a Bachelor of Science in Journalism). In a not entirely off-brand move, I completed my senior research in a third discipline: history, diving into the social, political, and economic role of the coffeehouse in Europe.
During my time as an undergraduate, I left Boston—and in fact the U.S.A.—behind on two occassions: to spend a summer learning the ropes of travel writing in the sunburnt footsteps of Bryson (also known as New South Wales, Australia) and to study Shakespeare a stones throw from the Globe Theatre (also known as London, England).
And when it came to it, following graduation I didn’t feel quite ready for the inevitable docking in Manhattan, and instead I floated back the way my ancestors had come to spend a year as a freelance food writer (with a very active side hustle as a barista) in Dublin, Ireland.
All this to say, I’m happy to be where I am now—and I’m nothing if not a product of the cities that I’ve called home and the adventures and education they’ve brought me.
I love to chat, so if you do too (or if you’re looking for someone to write or optimize some content), send me a note—I’m always looking for my next adventure, even if it doesn’t take me beyond my (very comfortable) desk chair.