A bit about me:

I was born and raised in the proverbial shadow of New York City, and the Big Apple offered a stark contrast to the small country town I grew up in.  It was an upbringing filled with as many pony rides as taxi rides, and that was what made it special.

After leaving home, I spent four years calling Boston home while working towards my bachelors degrees in Journalism and English Literature at Boston University.  These two areas of study have shown me how to turn my passion for language into tangible skills, and ultimately a career in the world of digital media.

I did disrupt my years in Boston to venture abroad, first for a summer term to Sydney to learn from some of the best travel writers in the area, and then to London to continue my exploration of travel media and to study Shakespeare a stone’s throw from the reconstructed Globe.

Professional experience featured consistently throughout my university experience.  I gained wide range of experience across the globe through an assortment of internships in digital editorial and performance marketing. 

After graduating in May, I spent a summer applying to jobs and continuing to work at Joanne Chang’s acclaimed Flour Bakery + Cafe.  October came and I added another city to the list of those I’ve called home: Dublin.  For the next ten months I lived and worked in Ireland, focusing on learning more about the world of food and drink — from the service side, the customer side, and as a freelance writer.

Having returned to New York, I am excited to begin applying my passion for travel and food to my career in digital media and publishing.

Cheers to new adventures (and as always, good food),