In “Healthyish,” Conde Nast creates a successful social brand

Healthyish is a sub-section of Bon Appétit, under the Condé Nast umbrella.  This brand concentrates it’s coverage on simple and health conscious foods.

When first launched in January of 2017, the brand focused on sharing recipes, with other content taking a backseat.  In the year (and a bit) since, they have developed other programs and now have both a “Stories” vertical and a “Recipes” vertical on their website.



The brand is only online, though as a part of Bon Appétit their stories do find a way into print. They carry 263k followers, while Bon Appétit carries 2.2m.  Clearly, the parent company is still more popular, but because of cross promotion people are still being exposed to this new content.

Instagram is their primary tool for engagement and for promotion.  With it’s many brands, Bon Appétit does a lot of cross promotion, and vice-versa. They have also started sponsoring events and including health tips outside of those that are food specific.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 7.42.23 PM.png

Instagram stories have become a major part of their brand, with recurring weekly segments on the platform.  The parent magazine does that same.

A critical part of their brand is also the conversational tone used in all areas — from Instagram captions to longer stories.  A particular voice unites their social media presence with their content to create a well-curated brand.

Compared to Bon Appétit, this brand takes a more casual approach, as well as a didactic approach.  Geared towards a teaching younger audience about healthy foods and unusual foods.

Combined with their voice, this attitude is helping to make Healthyish, and subsequently Bon Appétit, a successful part of Condé Nast.

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