At the moment, I work on the editorial team at Brooklyn-based mindbodygreen. In between my duties as part of our small but mighty seo team, I work with our health editor to create a wide range of content. 
In this capacity, I’ve covered everything from the difference between peaches & nectarines and stock & broth to spilling the secret of my (admittedly, odd) midday stress-busting ritual.
I’ve chatted with a Brady-approved trainer about longevity, waxed poetic about my love of a good sheet pan dinner, shared tips about the best way to store nut butter and explained how to get the very most from your lemons (while cutting waste).
In between advising on the best healthy cocktail, soup recipe, and coffee order for every zodiac sign, I’ve also taken stock of the year’s biggest coffee news and the food trends we want to carry onto the new year with us.
Beyond the kitchen, I’ve chatted with real couples about the awkward truth that is holiday sleeping arrangements, made suggestions of things to do to avoid “doomscrolling” and offered ways to prepare for the endless voting lines that 2020 brought.
Before mbg, I spent time exploring Ireland (and Europe, thanks to RyanAir) while working as a freelance food writer for There I wrote about the experience of floating through the restaurants of Venice and spoke with the Director of Education at The Dead Rabbit about the way sherry is being brought into the modern world. More locally, I rounded up the best glamping spots, wedding venues, spa destinations, and family staycation spots in Ireland.
Even before that, as a student, I covered city events, museum exhibitions, and news content for the team at Boston magazine as a Digital Intern, did a bit of writing—like this piece on Helsinki plus a few stories for the print magazine—while interning at SUITCASE Magazine in London, and wrote about top ski resorts and properties of Australia while living in Sydney and working at Luxury Travel Magazine.